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Last updated: 24 Feb 2011

According to the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (MOITAL), internet use in Israel is widespread and increasingly used for marketing and sales. An estimated 5.2 million Israelis, or 70% of the population, regularly accesses to the internet. The Journal of e-Commerce ranks Israel 7th in the world in terms of broadband penetration (77%).


Like other developed countries, e-Commerce is represented by a balance of B2B and B2C sites. Israel has a variety of B2C online stores, banking and bill payment sites and increasingly, government services. Companies are using B2B models to exchange documents, catalogues, and even complete deals. MOITAL estimates that e-commerce in Israel generated over US$700 million in 2008, and roughly 850,000 Israelis, 14 years and older, made online purchases during that year. (Importantly, 30% of Israeli's are 14 years old or younger, by far the highest of all developed countries, promising even higher broadband and e-commerce many years to come.) Major e-Commerce categories include travel services (36%), entertainment electronics (30%), computers & electrical products (29%), photos, books and games (23%), and digital software and various files (19%).


The internet is also heavily used by Israelis for social networking, information gathering and news. According to a recent TNS Teleseker report, 68% of Israeli internet users have their own social networking page like Facebook, while 7% use Twitter. 87% of users read their news online and 95% find information online.



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Posted: 18 August 2010, last updated 24 February 2011

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