Call Center Cross Cultural Training: Malaysia & Philippines

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Last updated: 3 Jan 2013

GTP ā€“ Global Training Partners launched a cross cultural training program that enables call center executives to communicate effectively when engaging customers across different cultures.

The course, ā€œCross Cultural Training for Call Center Professionals.ā€ is designed for individuals and call center organizations operating in multicultural environments. It is an excellent training for call center professionals who would like to both improve the cultural competency skills of management and staff members as well as provide a more customer centered experience for their global clients.

According to Brian McDermott, Managing Director of Global Training Partners (GTP), "Providing an excellent customer experience requires that people have the skills and knowledge to manage multicultural clients while delivering high quality customer service to different parts of the world. This customized call center course expands our training solutions for call center providers operating in this challenging and diverse environment."

The program has successfully trained over 300 call center professionals in the Philippines and Malaysia. Participants sharpened their cultural communication skills and learned how to interact effectively with clients from across the globe.

About Global Training Partners
GTP is a consulting and training firm specializing in developing cultural competency and diversity management skills for businesses and employees. GTP cross cultural trainings and intercultural workshops help global companies improve their communication, efficiency and profitability working across cultures
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Posted: 03 January 2013, last updated 3 January 2013

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