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Last updated: 8 Mar 2011

The WHO’s Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health 2011 showed that Hungary came third in per capita alcohol consumption, behind only the Czech Republic and Moldova.

Russia came fourth, with those aged 15 and over in the world’s largest country downing an average of 15.7 litres each of pure alcohol a year.

While the bulk of Russian alcohol consumption is done through the medium of vodka, Hungarians hedge their bets by mixing the grape and the grain. Of 12.27 litres officially recorded and an estimated four litres of home-made and/or illegal alcohol consumed per head in a year, only a fifth comes from spirits, with the rest derived from wine and beer, and the grape narrowly in the lead.

The world’s second-heaviest drinkers, the Czechs, prefer beer to wine and spirits. Beer is the source of just over half of the 16.45 litres of pure alcohol imbibed by the average Czech in a year, equivalent to 340 half-litre pots of pilsner per head. Acoording to the WHO’s report, the Moldavians are the world’s highest alcohol consumers.(

Source: Magazinul Progresiv

Posted: 08 March 2011, last updated 8 March 2011

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