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Last updated: 27 Sep 2011

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SON plans full implementation of SONCAP and market surveillance to wipe out substandard goods.

Over the past few weeks Mr. Ikemefuna Odumodu, who has recently been appointed as the new Director General of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON,) has held a number of press conferences to outline his vision of the future of SON and how he intends to re-enforce the SONCAP to combat the import of any substandard goods into Nigeria.

Part of his proposal is to have SON units positioned in all the major markets in the country. These units will not only strenuously reinforce SONCAP but will also serve as information centres for consumers who wish confirm the genuineness of each product they want to buy.

Mr Odumodu has also reacted to reports of fraudulent activity at the ports by reviewing all officials and taking the necessary action to ensure that the SONCAP is enforced correctly.

To ensure that Importers comply with SONCAP, SON had imposed a default charge and deposit of about N1.5m on goods that do not meet SONCAP requirements. This has however now been reduced to N500,000. Detailed information on this article is available at www.thisdaylive.com.

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Posted: 27 September 2011, last updated 27 September 2011