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Last updated: 25 Apr 2011

The price structure for imported goods in Panama depends on the level of competition. The costs of transportation and import duties vary from item to item. Local prices can be higher or lower than world average depending on local competitive conditions. For the sake of illustration, the calculation below demonstrates average costs added to a product before it reaches the consumer. Import duties average 10% over cost, while insurance, and freight (CIF) value and wholesale and retail markups are about 25% each.
Average Pricing Schedule
•CIF Panama $100.00
•Import Duty (+10%) +10.00
•Total Landed Cost 110.00
•Wholesale Price (+25%) 138.00
•Retail Price (+25%) $172.00
Note: A 7% value-added tax on CIF value plus the import duty is assessed at the time of customs liquidation. Since this value-added tax is payable on all goods, domestic and imported and is passed through to the consumer, it is not included in this calculation.

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Posted: 25 April 2011, last updated 25 April 2011

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