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Last updated: 20 Apr 2011

This report provides an introduction to the market for construction equipment in Poland. Industry leaders evaluate the size of the market in Poland in 2010 at 1 billion USD. Poland relies heavily on imports, especially of highly sophisticated machines. The country imports mainly from Germany, UK, and Italy with growing imports from the Far East.

The construction equipment sector includes earth moving equipment and its parts, front-end loaders, shovel loaders, medium and large trucks, bulldozers, excavators and some other intermediate and high-tech equipment, machinery for concrete works, equipment for aggregate processing, lifting equipment etc.

According to a recent report done by WMI (World Market Intelligence), in 2009 construction equipment turnover in Poland reached 704 million USD. This was 30% less than the record high year of 2008. However, the construction equipment market is expected to grow due to the substantial inflow of EU funds available for financing of infrastructure projects. The forecast for 2015 estimates the market value at 1.2 billion USD.

Market Overview
The subsector’s total market size is very difficult to determine due to several factors including Polish statistical reporting system.

The statistics below include construction machinery with the following Harmonized Tariff System Codes:

??HS 8429 - Self-propelled bulldozers, angle dozers, graders, levelers, scrapers, mechanical shovels, excavators, shovel loaders, tamping machines and road rollers, bulldozers and angle dozers;

??HS 843010 - Pile-drivers and pile extractors;

??and HS 843050 - Other moving, grading, leveling, scrapping excavating, tamping, compacting, extracting or boring machinery, for earth, minerals or ores;

??HS 8474 - Machinery for Sorting, Screening, Separating, Washing, Crushing, Grinding, Mixing or Kneading Earth;

??HS 870540 – truck concrete mixers.

We do not show statistics for lifting equipment, since it is difficult to determine if the equipment is used for construction or for other purposes – such as materials handling.

The Polish construction equipment industry has been going through a great deal of restructuring since its socialist beginning to the present market economy which began in 1991. The industry experienced many boom years in the 70s while the 90s saw a significant slump. At that time, however, there were several producers of construction equipment in Poland offering not very sophisticated machinery – such as Huta Stalowa Wola or Bumar. The industry started to grow again in 1994, when the economic situation of Poland started to improve. Some state owned producers were privatized; certifying their production with ISO quality benchmark standards.

Industry experts estimate that currently 30% of the market is supplied by locally produced machinery; while 70% is imported (60% used machinery, only 10% new machinery). Most of the used equipment is imported from Germany. 

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Posted: 19 April 2011, last updated 20 April 2011

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