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Last updated: 30 Aug 2012

Photovoltaic park launched in Buzias
The biggest photovoltaic park in the western area of the country was launched in August 2012 in Buzias, following an investment of some two million EUR. The park covers some two hectares.

The park includes 3,800 Siliken solar panels with the total installed power of 1 MW. The energy produced by the park reached to the final consumers based on a contract signed with Repower Furnizare Energie Romania.

The solar panels used for this park are produced by the Spanish company Siliken in its plant in Timisoara. The park in Buzias represents the first big Romanian photovoltaic project that uses the Siliken products manufactured locally.

The photovoltaic park in Buzias was constructed by the company Constructim.

Martifer Solar opened office in Bucharest
At the beginning of 2012, Martifer Solar opened its official office in Bucharest, after signing an agreement for a large-scale photovoltaic installation in Romania.

Martifer has been active in Romania since 2004, with activities in various fields, employing some 500 people in the country.

Photovoltaic park in construction in Giulvaz
A photovoltaic park with the power of 7.3 MW is in construction in Giulvaz, Timis county. The investments for this project are estimated at 15 million EUR.

The park will cover the surface of some 165,000 sqm. The photovoltaic park will include some 30,000 photovoltaic panels with mono-crystalline cells.

The beneficiary of the project is the company VIM Energy.

Gigawatt Global invests in solar park in Giurgeni
In May 2012, the company Gigawatt Global Romania started the investment in a solar park for the production of renewable energy in Giurgeni, Ialomita county.

The investment for this project is estimated at 15 million EUR.

The park will have some 32,000 solar panels, of 250 W / panel and 16 invertors units of 500 KW. The total power will be of 8 MW. The park will cover 24 hectares.

The project is expected to be finalised at the end of 2012.

Solar park in construction in Targu Frumos
In May 2012, Montana Energy started the construction works at a solar park in Targu Frumos, Iasi county, on the surface of some two hectares.

The investment is estimated at five million EUR. In the first phase, the park will have the power of 1 MW.

Montana Energy has in construction also wind parks, in the Iasi and Botosani counties. The company’s partner is the Technical University Gheorghe Asachi.

Photovoltaic park to be constructed in Vladimirescu
A photovoltaic park will be constructed in Vladimirescu commune (the Arad area), with an investment of four million EUR.

The park will have 10,000 solar panels and will produce 2.5 MW/h. The park in Vladimirescu will cover 3 - 4 hectares.

The park will be constructed by the German company Möhring Energie GmbH. At present, the German company is interested to expand its activities, targeting the Romanian and Bulgarian markets.

Zalau local authority approved solar project
At the beginning of 2011, the local authority in Zalau approved the technical - economical documentation for the project “Installation for the production of electric energy using solar renewable sources - SoArE Zalau”, with the total value of five million RON. The project is expected to be constructed on a surface of 3.5 hectares.

The project will be submitted within the Operational Programme “Increase of Economic Competitiveness”, Axis 4 – “Increasing energy efficiency and security of supply, in the context of combating climate change”, in order to receive EU funds.

Constructim to continue investments in renewable energy
The company Constructim intends to continue its investments in the field of the renewable energies.

After the launching of the photovoltaic park in Buzias, the company has in the development stage some projects of solar energy in the Timis county and also projects of micro hydropower plants in the Caras Severin county.

After it launched in 2011 a park of 9 MW in Oravita, the company intends to develop a new wind project, located in the same area, with the total power of 12.5 MW, using also the EU funds.

The company Constructim was set up in 1991 in Timisoara.

Solar park to be constructed in Tarnaveni
Tarnaveni will become one of the most important production centres of solar energy in Romania, after the finalising of the construction works at its photovoltaic park.

The total investment for the construction of the solar park in Tarnaveni is estimated at some 72 million EUR.

The company that won the tender for this project is Sol Stark Power in Timisoara.

The park will include over 150,000 photovoltaic panels. The mounting structure of the solar panels will be environmentally friendly, without concrete foundations and the vegetable area will not be affected.

Caransebes local authority expects future photovoltaic investments
The local authority in Caransebes has a partnership with an investor that intends to develop a photovoltaic park on the surface of ten hectares. The project is financed with EU funds. The project is expected to start in the next period.

Also, the representatives of the local authority are in talks with a group of investors that aim to develop a photovoltaic park on the surface of three hectares in Caransebes, with the investment of some three million EUR.

Photovoltaic park to be constructed in Targu Jiu
The photovoltaic park in Targu Jiu will be constructed on the surface of 20 hectares. The park will ensure the electric energy for the public lightning.

The value of the project is estimated at 20 million EUR. The park is expected to produce 4.5 MW / hour.

Photovoltaic park to be constructed in Cluj
The photovoltaic park will be constructed through a partnership between private investors from Green Energy Napoca (GEN) and the Cluj public authority.

The park will cover the surface of 190 hectares. The park will have the power of 66 MW through solar panels with the sizes of 90x60 cm.

The investment is estimated at 130 million EUR.


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Posted: 29 August 2012, last updated 30 August 2012

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