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Posted on: 2 Sep 2010

No matter where you live, it may be prudent for you to consider offshore company formation. There are many reasons that entrepreneurs decide to take, or start up, their businesses offshore. One of the most obvious is taxation. Some countries around the world have high taxation rates, which can be legitimately minimized but setting up an offshore company. But tax is certainly not the only reason. It can make sense to diversify your financial and business activities for operational efficiencies or to expand the geographical coverage of the business.


An offshore company offers alternatives to your domestic interests and activities. It can also   offer protection, or security, of assets. The diversity of offshore company formation options can also help during poor economic times.  Apart from asset protection, offshore company formation can also be used for Inheritance planning, operation of investment companies, shipping companies, overseas property investment, owning trade licenses and royalties and more.


The process of incorporating an offshore company can be quick and easy. The process of offshore company formation does depend on the jurisdiction that the company is being set up in as each government has their required due diligence, but there are also aspects that are common across jurisdictions. Advances in technology have also served to speed up the process of incorporating. Documents can be transmitted, completed and returned in real time. Engaging the services of an experienced corporate services provider can assist with the entire process of developing an appropriate corporate structure and the subsequent offshore company registration. This will make the entire process much smoother and quicker.


Choosing the right location for an offshore company can seem daunting but by considering factors such as objectives for the company, location of residence and location of clients and suppliers this step can be made clearer. Two Asian countries, Singapore and Hong Kong, are very popular with entrepreneurs around the world who recognize the advantages offered and recognition as global business hubs are beneficial for their business operations.

Regardless of the jurisdiction chosen, offshore company formation can provide significant benefits for entrepreneurs, including improving global trading operations, tax efficiencies, improving international business reputation, asset protection and protection against economic and political uncertainty.  Forming an offshore company will provide a variety of options and a new way of moving ahead in the business world.

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Posted: 02 September 2010

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