The Importance of International Tax Planning

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Posted on: 5 Oct 2010


You are all ready to expand your business to offshore markets. You have a great product or service, you have domestic market success and you have developed a detailed business plan. But do your plans include a reasonable and effective tax planning strategy?  International tax planning strategies can be a legitimate way to minimize international tax liabilities.


International tax planning is especially important to consider when you are devising a tax planning strategy for an offshore company formation. International taxation can be a complex field and thorough research should be undertaken before considering your business expansion.  Engaging the services of a professional corporate services firm can help to provide reassurance that the necessary research and due diligence has been carried out.  It is important to have comprehensive knowledge of the requirements of the country in which you are setting up the business as well as the your country of residence.


Offshore tax planning is not necessarily as daunting as it may seem. An experienced corporate tax-planning advisor will guide you through all the required steps. It is important to consider different options and such as advisor should assist you do this and develop a suitable strategy. Your tax planning strategy should be formed with full awareness of the advantages or benefits, as well as disadvantages, and risks, of each the different options available to you.


Some of the benefits of effective international, or offshore, tax planning can include:

-       Legally minimizing international tax liabilities

-       Protecting business, and personal, assets

-       Taking advantage of double taxation treaties between your resident country and other offshore countries

-       Maximize working capital

-       Improved financial efficiency


An effective, well-structured international tax planning strategy can legally benefit an international business in a number of areas. International tax planning can be a complex process, especially when multiple jurisdictions are involved. There are a number of fundamental issues to consider before deciding on an optimum strategy and this is the reason why using an experienced tax planning professional can be valuable.  They will assist with both developing the most suitable strategy and avoiding potential issues from arising.


Posted: 05 October 2010

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