Labeling and Marking Requirements in Sweden

A Hot Tip about Containerization in Sweden

Posted on: 31 Mar 2010

Sweden does not require country of origin marking for imports. However, goods carrying incorrect designations of origin are prohibited, and products made to appear as produced or manufactured in Sweden may not be imported unless the correct foreign origin is clearly and durably marked thereon.


Special marking regulations and labeling requirements exist for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food products and other product categories. Sweden has very strict health, sanitary and labeling rules and sophisticated capabilities for monitoring product quality.


A retail-size food package must show the name of the manufacturer, packer or importer, commercial name of the product, net metric weights or volume, ingredients in descending order of weight, last recommended date of consumption, and storage instructions if perishable or intended for infants. The information described above should be in Swedish and the local importers can assist NTM companies in arranging for proper labeling information.


Inspection and food labeling requirements were changed to conform to EU regulations when Sweden became a member of the EU on January 1, 1995. An overview of EU mandatory and voluntary labeling and marking requirements has been compiled in a market research report.



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Posted: 31 March 2010