Going green: 6 power-saving home products from Taiwan

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Posted on: 13 Dec 2012

Want to save on your next electricity bill? Check out these "green" home products from Taiwan that boast energy-efficient designs, parts and components.

For your child's bedroom, for example, install multifunction LED desk lamps that consume only 10W of power and do not release UV or infrared radiation. To cool down a very warm kitchen, an energy-efficient 42W ceiling fan can help do the trick!

Non-UV, IR LED desk lamp
This multifunction LED desk lamp from Everlight Electronics has reading and night light and clock functions. It consumes only 10W of power and has no UV, IR radiation, direct or reflected glare. Black, pink and white housing in plain or floral versions are offered.

6,000L cool-white lamp
Home Resource's 6,000L cool-white desk lamp is fitted with six 0.3W LEDs powered by a touch on/off switch. Its plastic housing comes in black, silver, pearl white or pearl light pink.

Home automation starter kit
Get rid of complicated installation and over-stacked modules. The integrated design of LivingLab’s home automation starter kit controls devices such as TV, air conditioner, media player, projector, light switch via IR and Z-Wave technology.

Solar school lamp
Ritek’s solar school lamp incorporates high-brightness LEDs with 200 lux and 2.5m operating range. Power consumption is 1.3W at 3.3V output. It runs on an Li-ion battery.

Portable solar charger
This 678x124x89mm solar charger from Tennrich has 1,000mAh capacity and comes in a silicone case with clip. Power comes from a Li-polymer cell.

42W ceiling fan
Win Wind's ABS ceiling fan produces 83.05m³/min of wind volume coming from its 18in blade. The product measures 42W 603x603x166mm and consumes 42W at high speed.

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Posted: 13 December 2012

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