Civil Aviation Market Report 2010-2011

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Last updated: 25 Feb 2011


The report emphasizes the spectacular growth of the Turkish civil aviation market, import procedures for aerospace goods and also updates previous statistical reports. The statistics of this report are for 2009 and are the official figures given by DHMI-State Airport Authority (latest full year figures available). The report also highlights future projects and opportunities in the market for U.S. exporters in 2010-2011.

Turkey, a large country with a growing economy, is the size of Texas and is strategically located on both the European and Asian continents. Given its large size and growing population base, Turks have come to rely on domestic and international air service increasingly over the past years. International and domestic passenger numbers in 2009 in Turkey totaled 85 million. An important growth factor for the aviation industry is the growth of the overall economy- expected at 7-8% for 2010. Simply said, Turks have more money to travel. Turkey's per capita gross national income more than tripled between 2002 and 2009, to $8,730, according to World Bank figures.

DHMI, the State Airport Authority is under the umbrella of the Ministry of Transportation. The Directorate is responsible and has the final authority for licensing, tendering, building and operating of airports, air traffic management and control, airport management, ground services, airlines and air safety.

Presently, there are 44 commercial airports in operation. With a work force of more than 7,500 employees, DHMI is the largest procurement authority with respect to air traffic control (ATC) equipment, navigation aids, airside airport infrastructure, and airport security systems. Turkey’s strategic location ensures unrivaled advantages in airline, MRO, cargo and air taxi services in the region. 

With the addition of Ordu and Mersin airports, civil airports in Turkey will increase to 46 in 2010. Istanbul is considering adding a 3rd international airport. Currently there are 19 airlines (including 3 cargo airlines) and 61 air taxi operation companies are active as of 2009. The increase of regional airlines will ensure further growth in the industry.

Domestic traffic increases each day. A good comparator is that in 2002 there were flights only to 25 points by the then monopoly Turkish Airlines from two centers with annual domestic passenger numbers around 8.7 million. Today from 7 centers, over 16 passenger airlines are carrying 41 million domestic passengers and 44 million international passengers; figures show the diversification and increase of the civil aviation market. This rapid growth presents immediate and long-term opportunities for U.S. firms. Compared to 2002, there has been a 372% increase in domestic passengers, an increase of 77% in international passengers and an increase of %153 in total (including domestic & international).

There are a total of 329 private airline companies working within Turkish aerospace, 17 of which are Turkish. These airlines are creating demand for airplane parts (new and used) as well safety equipment, training and management. A fine example of airline growth in Turkey is Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines growth has been on average 15%-20% over the past 10 years. Currently Turkish Airlines is the 4th largest airline in Europe with 142 aircraft (64 new aircraft orders included), 159 destinations (38 domestic + 121 international).

DHMI expects to procure safety security equipment, ground control equipment, perimeter security, communications, runway and landing lighting as well as ILS systems (automated landing systems). Specifically mentioned are bomb detection equipment by smell, nuclear and chemical detection equipment, x-ray machine upgrades, next generation door detectors, fingerprint access to restricted areas and perimeter technology based security of the airports.


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Posted: 20 December 2010, last updated 25 February 2011

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