Ukraine exported nearly 7.7 million tons of grain in 2012

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Posted on: 30 Oct 2012

Ukraine exported nearly 7.7 million tons of grain in 2012

Since the beginning of the current marketing year grain export from Ukraine, as of 22 October, 2012 was 7.65 million tons, according to the press service of the Ministry of the Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

As it was noted in the report the country exported 3.82 million tons of wheat, including milling wheat - 3.15 million tons, 2.22 million tons of corn and 1.51 million tons of barley.

The State Inspection for Agriculture feels free to act

The Parliament of Ukraine authorized the State Inspection for Agriculture of Ukraine annual certification of elevators and issuing permits for the movement of grain in the country.  The market participants fear the return of corrupt schemes which might lead to problems in trading grain. It might artificially reduce exports and, therefore, reduce the flow of currency in Ukraine.

According to the norm existing before there will be a year -long validity term of the certificate of conformity for the elevators.

It seems that there is a complete mess in the Parliament on the eve of the elections. Number 10 222 Bill of Yuri Miroshnichenko – the Party of Regions representative involves the changes to several laws relating to the activities of the Ministry of the Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and other ministries. It was adopted at the final plenary session on the second reading and it is about to be signed by the President.

The State Phytosanitary Service will attain additional punitive actions

Under the guise of the approximation to the European standards the Саbinet of Ministers of Ukraine initiates a Bill, which authorizes the State Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine to penalize all manufacturers, importers and exporters, who have not registered their products in Ukraine, or if the quality does not match the HACCP procedure (Hazard Analysis and Сritical Control Point). According to the experts the claim has been considered as the exaggerated one for the market.

The world rapeseed supply will decrease in 2012/13 MY up to 1.2 million tons  According to the experts the price for rapeseed has gone up considerably compared to soy, which is associated with a lower- production and export of oil-supply than it was expected for the last 4 months.

The world supply will be much smaller than expected in the new season. It will fall up to 65.6 million tons, which is up to 1.2 million tons less than in 2011/12 MY. It is considered to be the lowest rate in four years. The supply reduction is due to the low level of stock at the beginning of the period and the downward adjustment of the crop forecast in Canada and Australia.

The Government tightens control over the compliance with the law when changing the land intended purpose.

The Government tightens control over the compliance with legislation and ensures the validity of the decision on alienation and change the purpose of state-owned lands. The appropriate decision was taken at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 22 October 2012.

Corn market is being gradually strengthened

December futures for corn on the Chicago Stock Exchange rose by 2, 85 USD up to 293, 50 USD. The corn market strengthened in yesterday’s trading.US harvesting corn is almost completed and the farmers have significantly reduced the rate of its sales, which led to the strengthening of the physical market. South Korea has announced a tender for the purchase of 210 tons of maize. It will be interesting to see whether the U.S. corn remains competitive on the traditional markets. The global balance of corn will be very busy during the second half of the season which should lead to a significant strengthening of prices.

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Posted: 30 October 2012

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