The Dance of Karma and Failure

A Hot Tip about Setting up a Business in the United States

Last updated: 4 Sep 2011

Always keep in mind that the more you help others, the more they will help you. This may mean that you should teach an audience for free, support a charity, or volunteer for a cause. Do as much as you want/can, and watch as your good deeds return to you 100-fold.

If you write a book, develop a product, or code software, and it doesn’t work… consider giving it away for free. More people will benefit from it, The Karma Engine starts working for you, and you are free to work on the next idea.
Most importantly, keep thinking of new ideas. It doesn’t matter how genius, silly, or stupid it seems. In the words of Derek Sivers (Founder of CD Baby), “What is obvious to you, may be amazing to others”.


Failure is an interesting concept. Many people around you may laugh, criticize, ignore, or doubt you if you fail. They look at failure as something to be embarrassed about. For many ideas, failure may be the first step. It indicates that some aspect of your idea didn’t work, but that doesn’t indicate that failure is a rite of passage either. Find what didn’t work, change it, and try again.

Sometimes, the idea itself is the problem. If you find that to be the case, abandon the idea, and start on a new one.

There is no limit to the number of ideas you can have or pursue. Use this fact to your advantage. Think of many ideas, and pursue them all.  Remember... good deeds return good opportunities.

Posted: 31 August 2011, last updated 4 September 2011

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