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Last updated: 22 Sep 2011

<b>The company will build customer awareness of the in-house trademark to differentiate its doors and other products.</b>

China Wangli Group Co. Ltd, targeting the midrange and high end, will be promoting the in-house brand in more countries. Through this strategy, the company hopes to avoid engaging in price wars and increase exports.

In an interview with Global Sources, general manager Wang Yuebin expounds on the maker's strategies to boost sales in coming months.

<b>What products will the company focus on in coming months?</b>

We will pay attention to two product series this year:

First, our security doors assembled with Wangli's patented mechanical lock, which is convenient for children and the elderly.

Second, the Legendary Doors series that can have customized images printed on the door leaf. These products change the traditional concept of doors, adding new functions.

We are also planning to enter a new line this year, namely bamboo furniture.

<b>Is the wood used in your products imported or locally sourced?</b>

We use both local and imported wood, depending on buyers' requirements. We have solid supply chain for wood, which results in stable raw material sourcing and QC. We have a group in charge of procurement and QC.

<b>What are your company's projections for 2011?</b>

We will try to raise our exports to four times that of 2010, and strive to promote our quality products and in-house brand globally. We know that we started our export business relatively late, so a lot of effort is needed to achieve this breakthrough.

<b>What markets will you be exploring?</b>

We will focus our research on developed areas such as Europe and North America because our products are geared toward the midrange and high-end.

<b>Amid the intense price competition, how do you plan to attract customers overseas and in the domestic market? Do you have plans of building the in-house brand overseas?</b>

We continually promote our brand and quality in foreign markets to avoid competing solely on price. We believe our company has unique products and selling points, so our strategy is to find appropriate buyers for our products. We also provide a 1-year warranty.

To promote our in-house brand, we will try to find agents or dealers in more countries, and provide quality products and aftersales service.

<b>What is your strategy in terms of pricing?</b>

Taking into account the business environment, we decided to lower our prices in 2011 to reach more overseas markets.

<b>About the company</b>

Through various subsidiaries, Wangli offers doors and related hardware, bicycles, radiators and kitchenware. Export markets include Southeast Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East.

The company's manufacturing facility is located in Yongkang, Zhejiang province. ISO 9001 guidelines are followed at the plant.

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Posted: 21 September 2011, last updated 22 September 2011

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