State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) Programs

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Posted on: 9 Oct 2012

Through a federal grant provided to the SBA (Small Business Association), states can aply for federal funding to help local manufacturers with their export efforts.  Each state can determine what route the funding will be used for.  Some states, like Wisconsin, Ohio, and California, are offering reimbursement to manufacturers who participate in training programs to learn about importing and exporting.  Other states, like Florida, are helping manufacturers enter the global marketplace by offering grants to be used for travel to international markets and to pay for the Department of Commerce Gold Key service.  This service will provide manufacturers with pre-screened appointments with buyers in international markets. 

To learn what funding your state is offering, the SBA link is below or go to the website for your states Department of Commerce.  Click this link to get more info at the SBA website:

Good luck on your export efforts!

Posted: 09 October 2012

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