One tip to get legitimate business contacts

A Hot Tip about Sales Representative in the United States

Posted on: 4 Feb 2013

You have a great idea, product, or service that you are ready to market and sell internationally or domestically.  Now, you need to start reaching customers.  How do you do that?  The most efficient means is via internet contact - send an email.  Before you send the email, make sure you can offer a potential prospect some sort of confidence in you and legitimacy by having a website and associated email.  If you intend on sending an inquiry with a free email account (like yahoo, live, gmail, ymail, rediffmail, and the like) you may as well not even bother.  Not every free email is a scam, but every scam comes from a free email address.  Setting up a website and email system is not difficult nor is it expensive - you should use a professional so that your website doesn't look like something that is thrown together by a novice.  Once you have your website and email system, start soliciting.  Send a professional letter that has been proof-read for mistakes or errors.  The biggest hurdle in importing and exporting is finding legitimate customers overseas.  However, you can oversome that hurdle by contacting companies or representatives that have their business website and email address available to you.  Just because a website exists, doesn't necessarily mean that you have found a legitimate contact, but that is a step in the right direction.import, export, email,

Posted: 04 February 2013

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