Reaching the Consumer in Taiwan

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Recreational and cultural service sector
Communication & Transportation sector
Medical and health care sector
Consumer Behavior
Consumers are loyal to brands. The leading brands dominate the market completely (especially in agri-food). However, the Taiwanese are very attentive to prices; a brand or a store which put its prices up would lose customers immediately. Food purchases are made as and when needed, and national and Japanese products are the most frequently bought.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
The Taiwanese consumer is also keen on new products especially in the high-tech sector.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
People frequently resort to credit and this has seen a large increase over the last few years. However, seeing the rising number of households in debt, the government is trying to limit the use of credit.
Consumers Associations
CPC , Consumer Protection Commission
Net Consumers Association

Media in Which to Advertise

TV advertising makes it possible to reach a large number of consumers, but it is very expensive and so it is reserved for companies with a substantial advertising budget. Cable channels make it possible to reach a more specialized audience.

Main Televisions
The press is the way to reach the greatest number of consumers.
This reaches young consumers more especially.
In Transportation Venues
Advertising is shown on transport, with posters on buses and also television screens inside which broadcast adverts.

Market Leaders:
Omni Ad
This media is used but not so useful. Consumers from everywhere in the country can be reached.

Main Radios
BCC Radio
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
Younger consumers are easy to reach by SMS.

Market Leaders:
Main Advertising Agencies
Leo Burnett
Mac Cann
Omni Ad

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

The standard of advertisement and promotion of the liquor should indicate obviously "Overdrink will hurt health" or other warning on the ad, and cannot have the following situation: against the public rules or virtuous customs, encourage people to drink, hurt the health in mind and body of pregnant woman and teenagers.
Children and teenagers could not appear or give off sound in the ad. Must not sell to Children and teenagers, and could not play between, before or after the programs for Children and teenagers.
Cannot advertise cigarettes. Cigarettes can not be the gift of sales or present. Cigarettes sellers could not auspice in name of band of cigarettes.
Non-druggist cannot advertise for drugs. Before advertise the drugs, all publication broadcasts should be examined by health controlling orgization. Medicine advertisement, after approving, its validity duration is a year.
The medicine advertisement cannot advertise by having interview or reports.

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