Sightseeing in Taiwan

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Tourism and Culture

Different Forms of Tourism

Temples, old Taiwanese Hakka, Chinese style house, and the heritages from colonial age. Visit the website of
Temples, museums, historical sites, traditional arts and cuisine. Visit the website of
Natural parks, forest recreation areas, national scenic areas and ecotourism. Visit the website of
Taiwan's temples, of which there are more than 5,000, lie at the core of the island's religious life as active places of worship. Most temples are either of Taoist, Buddhist, or the less ornate Confucian styles. Visit the website of
There are many geothermal hot springs throughout Taiwan. The warm waters of these springs, heated and charged by the earth's own energy, are believed to soothe, revitalize and reinvigorate the body. Visit the website of
In south and north of Taiwan. Visit the website of
Winter Sports
No winter sports.
Outdoor Activities
Climbing, mountain biking, rafting, scuba diving, golf, surfing, Sailing and Windsurfing. Visit the website of
Taiwan is an excellent shopping destination, with everything from Ultra-modern shopping malls to traditional markets offering a wide array of goods. Visit the website of
Tourism Organizations
Taiwan Tourism Bureau
Cultural Organizations
Cultural Affairs Taiwan

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Individual and Civic Freedoms

Political Freedom
Free and fair elections for local and national representatives, including direct election of the President.
Civil Liberty
Freedom of the Press
World Ranking of Freedom of the Press According to "Reporters sans Frontières", 2009 report : 59/175
Evolution: 18 places down compared to 2008
For Further Information, Consult Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2009, Reporters Without Borders
Free Access to the Internet
Total freedom of access.
Freedom of Assembly
Western style democracy.
Personal Autonomy and Individual Rights
Women's Condition
For Further Information
Freedom House

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Degree of Freedom
Taiwan is highly diversified in terms of religious faith, with the practice of Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity, Mormonism, the Unification Church, Islam, and Hinduism, as well as native sects such as Yiguandao and others.

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