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Official Language
Other Languages Spoken
English is a second language taught in most schools . However it may be difficult to find people able to speak English as only 28 % of the population reach the secondary level at school. Chinese is also often used.
Business Language
Thai and English.
Getting Some Knowledge
Free online Thai lessons are available on the Learning Thai website.
Free Translation Tools
Thai Visa Forum : Portal of on-line dictionaries and thai language ressources
Thai 2 English : Translation tool

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Quality of Communications
There is a relatively good communication network at cheap prices.
Telephone Codes
To Make a Call From Thailand, Dial 001
To Make a Call to in Thailand, Dial +66
Number of Digits of National Telephone Numbers
Mobile phone numbers 10 digits and land lines 9 digits.
Mobile Telephone Standards
The telephone system in Thailand is efficient, if costly, and from Bangkok you can direct-dial most major centres with little difficulty. If you bring your own mobile phone, roaming is not a problem but is expensive. Two cellular operators in Thailand, Orange and DTAC, will allow you to use their SIM cards in an imported phone, as long as your phone isn't SIM-locked. Rates depend on the calling plan you choose, but are typically around 3.00 per minute anywhere in Thailand. You can also buy a mobile phone in Bangkok fairly cheaply, depending on the model, at shopping centres. Major hotels in Bangkok can arrange the rental of handsets and SIM cards for 150.00 to 250.00 a day, depending on how many days you need them. Call rates are 6.00 to 12.00 per minute.
National Mobile Phone Operators
TOT operate a service under the name of Thai Mobile in Joint venture with CAT Telecom. The other mobile phone operators are DPC, TAC, True Move and Hutch CAT.

Availability of Internet

Internet Suffix
National Internet Access Providers
You can access a list of Internat providers at Thaiwebsites.
Access in Public Places
Over the past few years Internet Cafes have grown to an enormous number.
Access in Hotels
Internet access is often available.

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