Travel Security in Thailand

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Health Precautions

Obligatory Vaccination and Other Recommendations
To be involved in a road accident or to suffer from vehicle pollution ranks higher on the scale of potential health hazards than do malaria or cholera in Thailand. Precaution measures for diarrhea and for typhoid are recomanded. Avoid uncooked food and take standard bottled or boiled water. Booster vaccination is available at most Thailand medical centers. Get hepatitis A vaccination at a reputed medical center. Take the common precautions against water-borne diseases to prevent Hepatitis E. Hepatitis B vaccination is also available at most medical centers. Get Japanese encephalitis shots before entering Thailand if you've plans to stay long in the countryside. If you are visiting Thailand during monsoon (May-September), use mosquito repellant at all times.
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Safety Conditions

Although the crime threat in some cities remains lower than in many American or European cities, non-confrontational crimes of opportunity such as pick-pocketing, purse-snatching, and burglary have become more common in recent years, and more so during high tourist season.  Travelers should be especially wary when walking in crowded markets, tourist sites, and train stations.  victims of theft, requiring them instead to travel several miles to the central Tourist Police office. The far south of Thailand has experienced incidents of criminally and politically motivated violence, including incidents attributed to armed local separatist/extremist groups. However these groups focus primarily on Thai government interests. Visitors should exercise caution if traveling near border areas with Burma, Malaysia and Cambodia due to organized crime, banditry, drug smugglers, and separatist violence.
Terrorist Risk
Persons with known transnational terrorist associations transit through and visit Thailand with relative ease through legal and illegal means. In 2003, senior Jemaah Islamiyaj Al Qaeda (JljAQ) leader Hambali was captured just north of Bangkok. These travel routes include not only the Burmese and Cambodian borders but also the Malaysian border. Soft target vulnerabilities exist throughout the country, a situation that could easily be exploited by transnational terrorist elements if they begin operations here. Thai authorities have on a number of occasions warned of the possibility of bombings in Thailand to coincide with symbolic dates or holidays, including in Bangkok and the southern provinces.
Risk of Natural Disaster
Droughts and floods poses the greatest threat to Thailand, influencing the entire country in with varying degrees of risk. Cyclones can also be a minor risk to some parts of the country. Thailand is significantly affected by hydrological and drought events, particularly in the central, eastern, and southern regions.
Traveling Women Conditions
Thailand is a comfortable place for solo female travelers.
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