Logistics in Tunisia

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Main Useful Means of Transport
The public sector accounts for about 70% of transport sector production.

96% of Tunisian foreign trade is carried out by sea. In 2006, more than 27 million tonnes of goods transited through Tunisian ports. The port of Radès has an important place in the national transport chain through its specialization in container traffic and rolling units (essentially trailer traffic). It carries out 22% of global traffic, 90% of the tonnage of containerized goods, 90% of the tonnage of goods loaded on rolling units, 92% of container traffic in TEU, 91% of the traffic of rolling units and 23% of ship traffic registered in all Tunisian commercial ports.

The airline company Tunisair carries one third of passenger traffic and half of goods traffic in the region. In 2006, 43 246 tonnes of freight transited through Tunisian airports.

There are three motorways linking Tunis and M'saken, Bizerte and Béja. Road transport dominates land transport of passengers and goods.

The railway line Tunis-Borj-Cédria is the main line. The line Tunis-Sousse-Gabés has been electrified. In 2006, 3.215 million tonnes/km transited through rail traffic.

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By Road

Transport Professionals
OTI Tunisie
Government Transport Organizations
Ministry of Transport

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By Rail

Transport Professionals
Tunisian National Railway Company (SNCFT)
Government Transport Organizations
Ministry of Transport

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