Dining in Tunisia

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Categories of Restaurant
  • Brasseries
Sandwiches, salads and cooked dishes. Located in the city center.
  • Restaurants
More elaborate cooking. Located in the city center or at the seaside.
  • City center restaurants
Regional and traditional specialties
Rules For Eating Out
The prices displayed in restaurants and cafés are shown with taxes and service included. A tip is not compulsory, but people often leave change on the table after paying the bill (about 1 TND).

Price Indications

Economy Meal 6 TND
Medium Price Meal 10 TND
Good Quality Meal 20 TND
Food Specialties
Tunisian cuisine is famous for its lamb-based dishes. You can find the following specialties: couscous, tagines, dishes prepared with sheets of "bric" pastry (like filo pastry).
Tunisian dishes are very aromatic. Cumin, coriander, saffron, cinnamon, aniseed, mint, orange, rose water are all used.
The Tunisian specialty is mint tea after meals or lemonade with almonds. In winter, people often drink fresh orange juice.
Dietary Restrictions
Pork is prohibited and the sale of alcohol is restricted.
Table Manners
The rules at table are not strict. Before starting, you wish everyone "bon appétit" (Chahia Taiba). Tunisians eat with cutlery and at a table. In the south of the country, people more often eat at a low table, sitting on a Berber carpet.

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