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Main Useful Means of Transport
The country has about 90 commercial ports, 11 of them very large. As it is not a country with a maritime tradition, infrastructures are not sufficient: only 4.5% of domestic freight transport is carried out by sea. Nevertheless, about 87% of Turkey's foreign trade is carried out by sea. Air freight only represents 0.3% of goods transport, and 1% of passengers at the domestic level. Air traffic has, however, been in constant progress for several years and in order to respond to this growth over the coming years, the Turkish authorities have started up a program to develop and modernize airport infrastructures, the SMART project (Systematic Modernisation of ATM Resources in Turkey) which should be completed in 2008.
The road network in Turkey comprises 60 000 km of roads (more than 80% asphalted), including 1 530 km of motorways. According to estimates of the Turkish Ministry of Transport, 76% of goods transport is carried out by road. Over the last ten years, the government has launched vast investment programs in order to improve the road network.
Rail transport only represents 5.5% of domestic freight transport. The Turkish rail network has 10 508 km of track, including 8 607 km of main lines and 1 901 km of secondary lines. Only 2 065 km of the lines are electrified, i.e. 19.6% of the total. The main lines are Ankara-Istanbul, Istanbul-Kapikule (Greece) and Divrigi-Iskenderun.

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