Reaching the Consumer in Turkey

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Agriculture, textile, furniture, toys, cosmetics, packaging, Public buildings and works sector/Finishings, jewelry, banking services and tourism.
Consumer Behavior
Consumers are aware of quality. Products which have the "CE" label, accompanied by directions for use or certificates of guarantee, are appreciated for their guarantee of quality. When deciding to buy, the Turkish consumer finds out about conditions of payment. Young people are aware of advertising and like products close to those which suit western tastes. However, concerning foodstuffs, traditional Turkish products are unanimously approved.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
Since prosperity returned in 2002, Turkish consumers have been keen on new products coming from abroad, especially Asian products which are less expensive, and western products which have a luxurious, modern connotation.
81% of consumers plan their purchases ahead of time but 87.7% of consumers buy products they had not planned to acquire.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
Consumer credit, with or without interest, has greatly increased in Turkey over the last few years.
Consumers Associations
Tuketicikoruma , Turkish Association for consumer protection
TÜDER , Consumer Association

Media in Which to Advertise

Television is the main source of entertainment and information for the majority of the Turkish population, who watch it on average four hours a day. Because of its excellent penetration rate and the flexibility of regulations concerning the amount of advertising time on television, the latter remains one of advertisers' favorite means of communication. By itself it concentrates nearly 40% of advertising expenses, i.e. about 1 billion USD in 2006.

Main Televisions
ATV- Satel Sabah Televizyon Produksiyon A.S
Dogan Holding
Cukurova Holding
Turkey has a wealth of written press (1511 newspapers: 32 national and 1479 regional dailies/ 219 magazines: 85 national and 134 specialized).
Advertising spending in the press shows regular growth. It has above all a regional or even local impact.
A means of communication which is very little developed, even non-existent.
In Transportation Venues
Outdoor advertising is in full expansion. It is no longer considered as a secondary means of advertising, but as a medium with a quick and widespread impact. Its growth can be measured by the increasing number of dedicated advertising sites and the revenue linked to this medium. Between 2005 and 2006, advertising spending in this sector grew by 45%. From billboards in the streets, on bus shelters, in metro or railway stations, advertising is appearing more and more on the means of transport themselves (buses and taxis).

Market Leaders:
Clear Channel
News Outdoor
Of the 1200 radio stations, 1062 are local and 108 regional.
The adverts most broadcast on the radio (according to their duration) are those for credit cards, telecommunication services (mobile phone groups) and non-alcoholic beverages (Coca-Cola).

Main Radios
Dogan Holding
Cukurova Holding
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
The number of Internet users is estimated to be 16.5 million, which puts Turkey in 7th place among the European countries using Internet. Internet has a high development potential. The penetration rate of this new medium in Turkish households is 21% (against 50% in France). The Internet advertising market was 18 million USD in 2006 and is growing by about 30% a year. Thanks to the high development potential of this new medium, the trend towards growth should be confirmed over the next few years.
Advertising by mobile phone could follow the same trend as advertising by Internet.

Market Leaders:
Sonsuz Tasarim
Zap Medya
Main Advertising Agencies
Saatchi & Saatchi
Clear Channel

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

Alcohol advertising is prohibited on television and radio.
Prohibited in all media.
Pharmaceutical products need a prescription.
Other Rules
Advertising on television for other media (press, radio, cinema..) is authorized.
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
There must be sub-titles for the passages in a foreign language.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
Radio and Television Supreme Council
Advertising Board - Ministry of Industry and Trade
Advertising Self-Regulatory Board

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