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Type of Production
In Turkey, industry represents 29.8% of GDP and 19.1% of employment. The sectors of textiles and clothing, machines, finished metal goods, metallurgy/the iron and steel industry and automobiles are the most successful.
In the ranking of the first 500 industrial companies, the agri-food sector represents 16%, textiles-clothing-leather 14%, the petrochemical/chemical industry 15% and automobiles 9% of companies.
Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
TAYSAD - Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers
ITKIB - Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporter Associations
DCUD - Turkish Iron & Steel Producers Association
IMSAD - Association of Turkish Building Material Producers
Whole Industrialists? and Businessmen?s Association

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
OEMs in Turkey are generally manufacturers of spare parts for the automobile, aeronautical, IT and electronic industries. Among the OEMs, large French groups can be found such as Valeo, for example (automobile).
Original Design Manufacturers
A large number of subcontractors have had to adapt to the requirements of their industrial clients and take a bigger part in the industrial production process. They have gone from the simple task of making parts to that of helping with decision making or marketing. In Turkey, it is often foreign subcontractors of IT or electronic components (household appliances) who have become designer subcontractors.
Subcontracting in Turkey is extensive and dynamic. It is particularly well-developed in the fields of the iron and steel industry, refining, the plastics industry, mechanics, foundry work, spinning and weaving for the automobile, aeronautical, electronics and textile industries.
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Industrial subcontracting trade show in Istanbul

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