Travel Security in Turkey

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Health Precautions

Obligatory Vaccination and Other Recommendations
There is no obligatory vaccination. It is necessary to update your diphtheria - tetanus - poliomyelitis vaccination. Other vaccinations which can be advisable (according to conditions of hygiene and the length of your stay): typhoid fever, viral hepatitis A and B.
There are sporadic outbreaks of malaria in the south-east of the country. Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, transmitted by ticks, is present mainly in central Anatolia and on the Black Sea coast.
For Further Information
Ministry of Foreign Affairs website
Guide du routard website

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Safety Conditions

The roads are safer than in Rome, Paris or London, including at night. However a large increase in pickpocketing has been observed. Be careful, too, of bag snatching. For further information, click here..
Terrorist Risk
The many attacks which have struck Turkey since November 2003 show that there is a terrorist risk in the country, including for foreign tourists.
Traveling in certain areas of the south-east of the country is strictly advised against.
Risk of Natural Disaster
The greater part of Turkish territory is in an area of strong seismic activity. Earthquakes occur frequently.
Traveling Women Conditions
Women can travel alone in Turkey, so long as they observe a few basic rules. Clothing must be decent. Avoid looking men in the eyes. In buses and trains, women traveling alone are advised to sit next to other women. In the evening, they must avoid going out unaccompanied.
For Further Information
guide du routard
Canadian Foreign Affairs website
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

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