Business Practices in Ukraine

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The Fundamental Principles of Business Culture
One of the main principles of business relationships is a trusting relationship: the Ukrainian contact would appreciate knowing in advance whether he can place his partner (links, common acquaintances, origin, etc.). Direct contact usually takes place in an informal place (restaurant), in front of a competent translator if one does not master the local language (Ukranian or Russian).
First Contact
It is advisable to have visiting cards on you, with one side in Ukranian. Physical presence is better in all types of contact. Shake hands and introduce yourself.


It often happens that during the first meeting, the conversation goes around the points in common and especially around common relations (acquintances, collegues, friends or family), a subject that is taken seriously in order to establish a trusting relationship.

It is customary to address people by their name and surname, which is not their family name. However, the foreign use of Mr./Mrs. then the family name is also accepted.
How to Present Yourself
There is no special formality, except for the fact that it is recommended to wear a toned-down (classic) suit and to highlight point in commons, common acquitances, which tends to ease relationships, even business ones. Remember to have visiting cards, in English and Ukranian if possible.
Business Relations
Ukranians have a reputation of not being on time and of shamelessly moving back appointments or even cancelling them.
Once the connections are made, gifts are common and allow parties to maintain good relations. They are offered during birthdays and saints' days.
Business Communication
It is better to get in touch personally with your Ukrainian counterparts, this favors direct human interaction rather than telephone or web interaction.
Dress Code
A standard and toned-down suit for the first contact.
Visiting Cards
It is preferable to have one side in Ukranian. If possible, include your most recent degree (or the most prestigious)

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