Investment Opportunities in Ukraine

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Protection of Foreign Investment

Bilateral Investment Conventions Signed By Ukraine
The Ukraine has signed 64 investment protection bilateral agreements, namely with the United States and most of the OECD and the CIS countries.
International Controversies Registered By UNCTAD
Disagreement with German regarding a petro-chemical complex.
Member of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

Country Comparison For the Protection of Investors

  Ukraine Eastern Europe & Central Asia United States Germany
Index of Transaction Transparency* 5.0 6.3 7.0 5.0
Index of Manager’s Responsibility** 2.0 4.0 9.0 5.0
Index of Shareholders’ Power*** 7.0 6.2 9.0 5.0
Index of Investor Protection**** 4.7 5.5 8.3 5.0

Source: Doing Business

Note: *The Greater the Index, the More Transparent the Conditions of Transactions. **The Greater the Index, the More the Manager is Personally Responsible. *** The Greater the Index, the Easier it Will Be For Shareholders to Take Legal Action. **** The Greater the Index, the Higher the Level of Investor Protection.

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Procedures Relative to Foreign Investment

Freedom of Establishment
The administrative formalities depend on the form of company to be created. The Ukrainian agency for the promotion of foreign investment allows you to get information about the authorizations necessary for setting up business.
Acquisition of Holdings
The legislation provides for the possibility of creating a Ukrainian company with foreign investment in a Private Limited Company, in a joint-stock company, or in a 100% subsidiary form, and regulates their constitution and running. Acquisition of holdings in an existing company, especially  within the ongoing privatization programme, is subject to the same legal procedures but requires approval from the State Assets Funds.
Obligation to Declare
The agency for the promotion of foreign investment in the country allows you to get information about the authorizations necessary for setting up business.
Competent Organization For the Declaration
Ukrainian Ministry of Finance
Requests For Specific Authorizations
All companies active in the sectors of banking, insurance, security, pharmacy, and the production of alcohol must obtain a State license.
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Office Real Estate and Land Ownership

The Possibility of Buying Land and Industrial and Commercial Buildings
It is possible to invest in real estate and non cultivating land.
Risk of Expropriation
The risk of expropriation is still very present in the Ukraine. Ukranian law provides for total compensation in case of expropriation, except for extreme emergency cases.

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Investment Aid

Forms of Aid
Overall, the Ukraine does not seem to have a stable policy with regard to investment assistance. The unpredictability of the decisions is puzzling (like the sudden removal of free economic trade zones) and does not reassure foreign investors.
Privileged Domains
Loans, tax-free, simplified administrative procedure to register a company.
Privileged Geographical Zones
High technology and alternative energies.
Free Zones
The law on Special Economic Zones defines three types of areas: free trade zones, regions with special investment regimes and priority development regions.
Organizations Which Finance
Invest in Ukraine

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Investment Opportunities

The Key Sectors of the National Economy
Financial sector, agriculture and agro-chemistry.
High Potential Sectors
High technology, agriculture, agro-chemistry, aerospace industry, alternative energy, tourism and hospitality, transport and logistics.
Privatization Programs
The IMF gave recommendations to the Ukraine to further liberalize and to privatize the land owenership sector.
Tenders, Projects and Public Procurement
Tenders Info, Tenders in Ukraine
DgMarket, Tenders Worldwide

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Sectors Where Investment Opportunities Are Fewer

Monopolistic Sectors
It is impossible to acquire agricultural land.
Sectors in Decline
Due to the crisis, the declining sectors are construction (building), automobile and electronics and the metallurgy sector.

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