Distribution Networks in Ukraine

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Types of Outlet

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets
Food products
ATB-market, Silpo, Furshet, Velyka Kyshenya, Amstor
Cash and Cary
Food products
Specialized Shops
All types of non-food products: cosmetics, electronic, home appliances, etc.
Kvadrat (in Ukranian), Metrograd, Globus, Brocard Bessarabsskïi, Foxtrot (in Ukranian), Eldorado (in Ukranian) ,  Mega Max, Agromat, Budmax, Nova Linia.
All types of non-food products: cosmetics, electronic, home appliances, etc.
Fozzy, Intermarket, Pakko

Evolution of the Retail Sector

Growth and Regulation
Few structures carry out distribution and the follow-up of imports. The distribution sector remains very traditional and fragmented, but the arrival of foreign competitors could widen the range of products and services, contribute to stabilizing prices and stimulate competition. Franchises are growing, but there is a legal vacuum as far as intellectual property is concerned, and barriers to the development of small companies.

The most developed distribution circuit is retail trade. Food shops can either be non-specialized or specialized in a single range of products. There are also department stores especially in Kiev such as the Department Store Ukraine, the Zum which is the equivalent of Printemps in Paris (Selfridge's in London), the department toystore, Dytiachy Syit - Children's World, the large jeweler's Koschtan, and for perfume and cosmetics, Lancôme.

The market share of non-organized retail is increasingly encroached upon.

Market Shares
Non-organized retail shops have 43% of the market, local shops control 25%, while supermarkets have approximately 12% market share.
Organizations in the Retail Sector
Association of Ukrainian Distributors

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