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Commercial Intermediaries

Trading Companies
  • Main Actors
The main Ukranian wholesalers are: Fozzy Group, Metro Cash&Carry Ukraine, ATB, Furshet and Velyka Kyshenia. It should be noted that regional wholesalers (such as Donetsk, Amstor, Fozzy Group, Furshet and Lviv Intermarket) have stronger growth than national wholesalers.

Using a Commercial Agent

The Advantages
Sales are accelerated and there is less stockage by going through a commercial agent, you also have direct contact with the clientele and enjoy the advantages of the agent's knowledge of the market.
Elements of Motivation
The main motivating factor for the agent is his commission.
The Average Amount of Commission
The commission amount is negotiated when contracting and depends on the task.
Breach of Contract
The agent has to be notified one month prior to the termination date of the contract.
Finding a Commercial Agent
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Setting Up a Commercial Unit

The Advantages
Decision are taken by the parent company, thus simplifying the subsidiary's operation. Ukranian legislation does not impose a minimum size in order to open a subsidiary.  It is in the interest (commercial and financial) of foreign companies exporting to the Ukraine to open a branch office.
Where to Be Vigilant
The subsidiary has to deal with a complex and rigid law, which as a precaution, leads to getting in touch with lawyers in order to ensure the proper formation of the company, in terms of legality.
Different Possible Forms of Settlement
  • A Representative Office
Since a representative office cannot sign a contract in its name, nor do any marketing or distribution of its products, the opening of a branch office is the foreigner's preferred solution.
  • A Company
It is necessary to register the subsidiary at the Ministry of Economy (cost: approximately UAH 15,000).


Evolution of the Sector
To be franchised is very common in the Ukraine. It is the most sought after type of company formation. A fair on franchises takes place every year. For more information on the rights regarding franchise, you can consult the website.
Some Big Franchises
Specialized franchise consultancy for Central and Eastern European countrie.
Franchise gateway in the Ukraine
Comprehensive gateway  of franchises in the Ukraine
For Further Information
The Civil Code
The Commercial Code of Ukraine
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