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Metallurgy and metal processing represented 20% of the country's GDP in 2007. Growth in production reached +8.3% in 2007 (production of cast iron, steel and iron alloys, manufacturing of finished products, metal casting).

Mechanical construction represented, in 2007, 12.9% of Ukraine's GDP. The growth of industrial production in 2007 reached +28.6% in comparison with 2006. This increase in volume is due firstly to the rise in production of automobiles (+60.6%), machines for the mining industry (+34.3%), and wagons for rail transport (+31.1%).

The agrifood sector represents 17% of Ukraine's GDP. The growth of this sector is on average 20% per year. For companies involved in the food and agricultural product processing industries, in 2007 the volume of production increased by +10% in comparison with 2006. Ukraine has a very strong agricultural potential with lands which are among the most fertile in the world.

The chemical and petrochemical industries represented 6.7% of the country's GDP in 2007. Ukraine is a big exporter especially of fertilizer.

Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
Association of Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
Association of oil manufacturers of Ukraine

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Original Design Manufacturers
Sub-contracting is relatively well regulated by the law, a fact which explains why foreign companies willingly accept it.

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