Dining in Ukraine

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Kiev restaurants

Price Indications

Economy Meal EUR 15
Medium Price Meal EUR 30
Good Quality Meal EUR 70
Food Specialties
- Vareniki: a sort of ravioli stuffed with soft white cheese, meat or potatoes;
- Borshch: a beetroot based soup;
- Pampushki: small fresh bread rolls which are eaten with borshch;
- Galushki: a kind of gnocchi served with sour cream;
- Salo: sliced, smoked bacon;
- Farshirovannie pertsi:  stuffed sweet peppers; the stuffing is made of a mixture of ground meat and rice;
- Farshirovannie sinenkie - eggplant with a vegetable stuffing (carrot, onion, cabbage);
- Golubtsi - stuffed cabbage.
Ukranian vodka is called the horilka or samohon if it is made at home. It can be flavored with honey or fruit. Ukranian wine is produced in Crimea. In terms of non-alcoholic drinks, there is kompot, which is fruit juice and the kvass, which is a traditional drink made from rye.
Dietary Restrictions
No specific culinary restrictions in Ukraine.

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