Reaching the Consumer in the U.A.E.

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Marketing Opportunities

Growing Sectors
Farm produce, leisure, new communication technologies are the booming sectors.
Consumer Behavior
The Emirates consumers are above all guided by the price in their purchase decisions. Today, the nationals are more and more sensitive to other considerations like product quality, existence of after-sales service or even the degree of innovation in the product. They are also sensitive in following their customs and traditions and in view of this perspective an Arabic packaging is recommended.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
People from Emirates are a young population. They have very high standard of living. They are curious vis-a-vis new techologies and products. They are always looking for the most modern equipment particularly in the field of mobile telephony and information technology. From another point of view, they are very conscious of brand image for luxury products and everything.
Consumer Recourse to Credit
People from Emirates are part of the top ten most indebted consumers of the world.
Consumers Associations
Department of Consumer protection , attached to the Ministry of Economy.

Media in Which to Advertise

This type of advertising is costly but it can be very effective. Moreover, it is wise to pay for the advertising time on the highly viewed cable or satellite channels. Similarly, it is recommended advertise during Ramadan. This period of the year is a time of family fasting where everyone can be found thanks to the time schedule for them to see celebrity soap operas in Ramadan. Advertising there at this ime is profitable because the consumers are available and attentive.

Main Televisions
Dubai TV
Sharjah TV
MBC 1,2,3,4
Advertising in newspapers can be very risky. Effectively it should be known that less people read newspapers. All depends on the product marketed: if it is a low cost product, this type of advertising is to be avoided as the target customer does not read this type of media. If it is a high class product, then it will be better to choose a newspaper with good established reputation and present for long in the country to be sure of its success.

Main Newspapers
Al Nisr Media FZ LLC
Arab Media Group
Abu Dhabi Media group
This solution is most economic. It is also quite effective and serves as the visiting card of the company.
In Transportation Venues
Advertisement on taxis and public buses is very effective. Consequently, it enables to capture the attention of the consumer during long traffic-jams which are a characteristic of the Emirates.
Advertising on radio is profitable if one has recourse to a radio station which has a large audience. Some creativity must also be shown about the spots you want to use.

Main Radios
Arabian Radio Network
Channel 4 FM
New Technologies (E-Marketing, SMS, etc.)
Advertising via SMS or via internet sites is very widespread. The people from Emirates increasingly sensitive to e-commerce. Till now payment is made only through pre-paid cards, but this is beginning to change. The Etisalat company has started playing an important role with regards to on-line payment.

Market Leaders:
Middle East news
Webite of the Al Jazeera channel
Main Advertising Agencies
Directory of the main advertising agencies operating in the UAE.

Main Principles of Advertising Regulations

It is prohibited to publish advertisements for alcohol brands in newspapers and other media. There are however some tolerances for the specialised regional press and meant only for professionals. Promotion booklets in sales outlets are also tolerated. Finally, companies can sponsor events without indicating the brand.
Advertising for cigarettes is authorised but it should specify that smoking is injurious to health.
It is authorised but the medicine and the advertisement have to be approved beforehand by the Ministry of Health.
Other Rules
Generally, care must be taken not to hurt the population which is a Muslim majority. It is also in bad taste to display a dog or a pig. Similarly, advertising showing nude persons is prohibited.
Use of Foreign Languages in Advertisement
English and Arabic are the two advertising languages used the most because they are capable of influencing a large public.
Organizations Regulating Advertising
International advertising association

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