Distribution Networks in the U.A.E.

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Types of Outlet

Traditional boutiques, Souk stalls
These places are quite frequented by low income categories. They sell low to medium range products.
Shopping centers
These have witnessed booming growth with the wealth of the country and the development of tourism. A number of franchise stores are to be found.
Abu Dhabi Mall

Mall of the Emirates

Al Ghurair City

Specialised shops
They offer luxury products in the area of gastronomy, alcohol, garments, fashion accessories, watches, etc
Multi-product and multi-brand stores
These are "department stores" which bring together diverse and multi-brand products.
Salam studios


Shop in shop
These are large "department stores" which bring together several luxury product brands in the same area in a dedicated location for each brand. This is a new concept very much in vogue in Dubai.
Paris Gallery
Hotel boutiques
They are specialised in luxury products.They are monopolised by some agent-importers who have signed exclusivity contracts with hotels and the hotel projects under execution.
They are more and more popular. The sector is dominated by Carrefour and Casino. You can also find Spinney.
Carrefour Group

Spinney Group


Evolution of the Retail Sector

Growth and Regulation
There are a number of selling methods possible in Emirates and among them direct selling can be pointed out. However this mode remains very less widespread.
The most widespread custom is to market your products through local commercial agent . It is recommended to choose from different distributors or commercial agents in each Emirate. Imports and exports of food products are typically entrusted to companies specialised in this field. This market is dominated by 5 or 6 companies. However, a growing number of food distributors import directly themselves become a distributor and a wholesaler for other more modest establishments. Finally, the companies have the tendency to use the geographical position of Dubai, which is in fact a regional hub, for stocking their goods in this Emirate before re-export to other markets as those of India or Iran. Moreover,the use of franchise has witnesses a significant expansion.
Market Shares
Supermarkets concentrate on the largest part of the market in the field of distribution with 49,2% of sales. The market leaders are the Groups  Carrefour , Emke. and Spinney to a lesser extent. They are followed by bulk sales which realises 28.3% of the market share. In the third position are the shopping centers with 6%, then fairs and exhibitions with 1.5% finally followed by specialised stores with 0.2%.
Organizations in the Retail Sector
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