Domestic Transportation in the U.K.

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Means of Transport Recommended in Town

In cities, due to traffic congestion, the use of public transport (Underground or buses) is recommended.
Taxis are widely available. Taxis drivers are highly trained but they speak mostly English. Pedestrians are injured and even killed every year in accidents, forgetting that traffic drives on the left.  Extra care should be taken when crossing streets.
Maps of Urban Networks
Transport for London (Maps)
Urban Transport Agencies
Transport for London (Underground)
Transport for London (buses)
Department for Transport
Find an Itinerary
Subway Navigator
Taxi Companies
London black cabs
Transport for London (taxis and minicabs)

Transportation From Airport to City Centre:






Car Rental
London - Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 & 3 (LHR) 25 km / 15 miles £ 35-60 / 45-70 min £6.90/ 40-80 min £16.50 / 22 min Available

Means of Transport Recommended in the Rest of the Country

The country has a good rail network. Intercity lines provide fast services between London and major cities, and there are services to the southeast, to the Midlands, north and south Wales and between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Some rural areas are less well served.
The National Rail network is now operated by train operating companies. Internal flights depart regularly to major cities.
Rail Companies


Name Type Domestic Flights International Flights
British Airways Major Domestic Yes
Virgin Atlantic Major No Yes
Flybe Low cost Domestic Yes
Ryanair Low cost Domestic Yes
Easyjet Low cost Domestic Yes

You Can Consult the List of Airlines Banned Within the EU. Look Also at the rating of the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


Traveling By Yourself

There is a good quality road and motorway network. Roads tend to be congested, particularly in the South. There are a lot of trucks on the roads; only the heaviest loads travel by rail. In London, avoid parking in the street, as parking spaces are reserved for those with a resident's permit.
Driver's License
For information on driving in the UK on a foreign license, consult the website of the UK Government . For general information, see the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency's website.
Conditions For Renting a Vehicle
Generally the driver must be 21, hold a valid driving license featuring photo ID, present a recent utility bill if the address given is different from that mentioned on the license, and in some cases leave a thumbprint. Specific conditions apply when paying cash.
Rental Agencies
Tolls or Taxes
Motorways are mostly free, apart from the M6 Toll Road and certain bridges/tunnels. In London, a congestion charge applies to cars entering the inner city zone.
Road Maps
Find an Itinerary
The Automobile Association's route planning facility.
Traffic Conditions Online
The Automobile Association's live traffic reports.
Parking Facilities
NCP Car Parks own and manage a number of public car parks throughout the UK.

Rules of the Road

Minimum Driving Age
17 years
Side of the Road For Driving
Speed Limits
Speed limits: in towns 30 miles/h (48 km/h), on ordinary roads 50 miles/h (80 km/h), on motorways 70 miles/h (112 km/h).
Safety Belts
The law requires drivers and passengers over 14 to wear a seatbelt if available. The driver is responsible for ensuring that anyone under the age of 14 wears a seat belt or uses an appropriate child restraint as required in the regulations.
Permitted Amount of Alcohol in the Blood
80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood
National Roads Organizations
The Automobile Association (AA)
The World Road Association - UK national committee
The Highway Code: the rules of the road for drivers and pedestrians.

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