Distribution Networks in the United States

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Types of Outlet

Clothing, Food, Cosmetics, Sport
Drug Stores
Personal hygiene products, Cosmetics, Beauty products, Detergents, Sweets and Drinks.
Convenient Stores
Open 24/24.
General food, drink, everyday products
7 Eleven
Speciality Centers (Big Chains)
Gardening, decoration and other items for decorating and fitting out the home
Home Depot, Target, Whole food, Wal Mart
Liquors Stores
alcohol beverages
liquor store
The Mall
Building place with several stores and fast food restaurants

Evolution of the Retail Sector

Growth and Regulation
It is the ultimate test market for exporters. The country is open to all kinds of new products and technologies, but geographically it is very spread out and there is an intense competition. This market is, however, very demanding and requires a considerable amount of preparation, groundwork and long-term consistency.
In 2004, total retail trade was valued at 3,296 billion euros, with a growth of 7.9%, the consumption level being the driving factor behind American retail growth.
Market Shares
Market segmentation is drawn along various lines, including age groups, ethnic groups, even social and religious groups, which has forced distributors to adapt themselves to this situation. One of the most marked consequences of this absence of homogeneity is the emergence in the past few years of “Specialty Stores” such as ( Home Depot, Best Buys etc) which currently represent 11% of retail sales. In fact, the American consumer is unique because of his demanding nature, the importance he attaches to price, and his product disloyalty. It is thus incumbent upon distributors to continuously adapt themselves to the market, and to engage in well-targeted marketing efforts in order to win the loyalty of the consumer. The majority of sales, however, are still achieved by large distribution chains:

- Wal Mart ( 4000 outlets)
- The Kroger Co.
- Sears Roebuck & Co (bought by Kmart).
Organizations in the Retail Sector
National Retail Federation
American Wholesaler Association
International Council Shopping Centers
National Association of Convenience Store

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