Renewable Energy Industry in Brazil

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  • Biofuels and Ethanol in Brazil

    Total sugarcane production for MY 2009/10 is projected at 605 million metric tons, up 7 percent compared to previous season. Post projects that 57.5 percent of total sugarcane crushed will be diverted to ethanol production which is forecast at 28.45 billion liters. Ethanol exports are expected to decline to 3.7 billion...

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 22 Dec 2009 related to Renewable Energy in Brazil

  • Biodiesels in Brazil

    Biodiesel production remains regulated by the Brazilian Government. As of July 1, 2009, the B4, e.g., a 4 percent blend of biodiesel in mineral diesel for fuel use became mandatory as defined by Resolution # 2/2009 of the National Council of Energy Policy.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 21 Dec 2009 related to Renewable Energy in Brazil

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  • Biofuels - Ethanol Import Tariff

    In December 2011, the Government of Brazil extended the zero import tariff applied to ethanol to December 31, 2015.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 24 Jan 2012 related to Renewable Energy in Brazil

  • Solar Energy Update-

    Following the “Wind Power Declaration” that the State of Rio Grande do Norte launched in 2009, which ended up boosting wind power in Brazil, the Rio de Janeiro Environmental Secretary and Federal Universities of Rio de Janeiro UFRJ and COPPE launched a “Solar Power Declaration” on August 18,...

    U.S. Commercial Service on 28 Nov 2011 related to Renewable Energy in Brazil

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