Water Treatment Industry in Canada

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    The Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program has 3 main projects.

    Bedjasses on 29 Nov 2012 related to Water Treatment in Canada

  • Environmental Industries sector

    The environmental industry in Canada consists of approximately 8500 firms. Small firms (SME’s) form the majority of environmental companies (96 percent), and the industry is spread across Canada.

    UK Trade & Investment on 28 Sep 2012 related to Water Treatment in Canada

  • Pollution Control – Wastewater Treatment

    Canada has over 3,700 water and wastewater treatment facilities. 399 plants have been deemed high-risk and need to be brought to code by 2020.

    Bedjasses on 26 Jun 2012 related to Water Treatment in Canada

  • Wastewater Systems

    Export opportunities exist for U.S producers of potable water treatment products and technology.

    Bedjasses on 27 Apr 2012 related to Water Treatment in Canada

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  • The Canadian Water Filtration Equipment Industry

    Canadians are becoming more and more concerned with the need to conserve water, provide environmentally friendly methods of water treatment and reducing the amount of energy, bacteria, contaminants and additives in their water systems.

    Bedjasses on 21 Dec 2009 related to Water Treatment in Canada

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