Energy Industry in Ecuador

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  • Biofuels Annual 2012

    The Government of Ecuador is undertaking pilot projects to use bioethanol for the city of Guayaquil and jathropha biodiesel for the Galapagos Islands.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 9 Jul 2012 related to Energy in Ecuador

  • Opportunities in the Electric Sector

    The electricity sector in Ecuador requires significant improvements to increase power generation to cover the annual increase in demand of 5 to 6 percent.

    U.S. Commercial Service on 29 Dec 2011 related to Energy in Ecuador

  • Biofuels Annual

    Despite the fear that the government might set lower than optimal market prices, companies have been encouraged to produce bioethanol and biodiesel in response to developments in the domestic and inte

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 26 Dec 2011 related to Energy in Ecuador

  • Renewable Energy Market Brief

    Ecuador classifies hydroelectric power as renewable energy, a sector requiring upgrades and further development.

    U.S. Commercial Service on 31 Oct 2011 related to Energy in Ecuador

  • Oil & gas sector in Ecuador

    Ecuador oil reserves and pipeline transport capacity is big enough to produce as much as 850.000 bpd. Therefore there is a significant opportunity to double the present production and export volumes.

    UK Trade & Investment on 28 Sep 2010 related to Energy in Ecuador

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