Non-Automobile Transport Equipment Industry in France

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  • Motorcycle Market Brief

    France is the second largest market in Europe for new motorcycles and mopeds with 343,117 new registrations in 2010. France is particularly strong in mopeds and led Europe with 138,018 new moped registrations in 2010. France sold 185,609 motorcycles and scooters in 2010. 86,050 of these sales were vehicles less than...

    U.S. Commercial Service on 24 Oct 2011 related to Non-Automobile Transport Equipment in France

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  • Overview of the French Bicycle Market 2009

    The French Bicycle Market grew by one percent, totaling 897 million Euros (1,323 million dollars) in 2008, although by volume the market retracted. The number of bikes sold in 2008 was 3,417,100 - a decrease of 3.5% over 2007.

    U.S. Commercial Service France on 1 Feb 2010 related to Non-Automobile Transport Equipment in France

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  • Motorcycle Legislation

    In 2002, the European Commission harmonized requirements and consolidated amendments for these two-, three- and four-wheel motorcycles by adopting directive 2002/24/EC, which is currently in force. The 2002 law is now undergoing review.

    U.S. Commercial Service on 26 Sep 2011 related to Non-Automobile Transport Equipment in France

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