IT and Telecommunications Industry in Greece

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  • ICT Opportunities

    New initiatives were taken in order to extend connectivity and accelerate the uptake of new technologies, especially by SMEs and public administration: introduction of 770 broadband access points in more than 400 enterprises in the tourism sector; new actions under the ‘Digital Convergence’ programme...

    UK Trade & Investment on 23 Oct 2011 related to IT and Telecommunications in Greece

  • Broadband Market Overview

    The market dominance continues to be observed in specific hi-tech products which is related to technology developments and anticipated broadcasting capabilities, especially in the field of ‘high-definition’, which now impacts every device image category (reproduction, display, and recording).

    U.S. Commercial Service on 31 Aug 2011 related to IT and Telecommunications in Greece

  • ICT sector in Greece

    The government’s digital strategy and the implementation of the EU supportive legal framework within Greek legislation resulted in significant progress in the Greek ICT market.

    UK Trade & Investment on 6 Feb 2013 related to IT and Telecommunications in Greece

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