Business Support Services Industry in India

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  • India and Services Outsourcing in Asia

    This paper examines India's role in services outsourcing in Asia. It discusses the competitive challenge posed to India by other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam in services outsourcing and concludes that India is still far ahead of these other countries. It also examines the collaborative...

    Rupa Chanda, Indian Institute Of Management on 16 Mar 2010 related to Business Support Services in India

  • Business & Consumer Services

    In alignment with the global trends, Indian service sector is one of the major contributors to both employment and national income. With fast changing life styles and favourable demographics, number of people with purchasing ability is expected to grow to over 600 million by 2011, sufficient to establish India as one...

    UK Trade & Investment on 21 Aug 2011 related to Business Support Services in India

  • Dissolution of Indian Firms- Various Modes

    The paper aims to study how and under what circumstances a dissolution can be affected in a partnership firm and what can be the aftereffects of dissolution of firm on the partners of the said firm? It can be broadly divided in to two parts. The first part of the study describes the meaning of dissolution of a firm and...

    Nidhi Vaidya, Raghuvanshi Vaidya & Partners on 18 Mar 2010 related to Business Support Services in India

  • Patent Law India

    Patent law has been formulated with an objective to promote and protect the inventions and methods. The object of granting a patent is to encourage and develop science, technology and industry. A patent can be defined as a grant of exclusive rights to an inventor over his invention...

    Trustman & Co on 14 Feb 2010 related to Business Support Services in India

  • Eight Steps to Investing in India

    Action steps with resources and contacts to help you benefit from the booming INDIAN Economy.

    Entry India, LLC on 7 Dec 2010 related to Business Support Services in India

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