Dairy Products Industry in India

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  • Dairy and Products Annual 2012

    2012 dairy production was marked, paradoxically, by localized drought and periods of over production of non-fat dry milk (NFDM).

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 9 Nov 2012 related to Dairy Products in India

  • Draft notification on Import of milk and milk products

    On January 31, 2012, the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India (GOI) issued a draft notification proposing veterinary certificate for the import of milk and milk products.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 15 Feb 2012 related to Dairy Products in India

  • Food & Drink Opportunities

    India, home to a billion people, is among the world's largest producers and consumers of food. With a growing middle class estimated to be between 200 and 300 million, and increasing globalisation, significant opportunities are emerging for imported food & drink.

    UK Trade & Investment on 25 Nov 2011 related to Dairy Products in India

  • Dairy and Products Annual

    Economic growth and a growing population are driving dairy demand up at a greater pace than India?s dairy producers are able to expand production.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 31 Oct 2011 related to Dairy Products in India

  • Dairy and Products Annual

    As the world?s largest producer of dairy products (by volume) and home to the world?s largest dairy herd, India nonetheless faces a milk supply gap due to increasing demand from a growing middle class population.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 26 Feb 2011 related to Dairy Products in India

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  • Dairy Processing Industry in India

    MY 2010/11 milk production is forecast to increase by 3.9 percent to 113 million tons assuming near-normal monsoon and increasing demand for dairy products. Late monsoon rains and the beginning of the flush season (September-March) are expected to revive total milk production in MY 2009/10 to 109 million tons.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 4 Jan 2010 related to Dairy Products in India

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