Swine, Pigs Industry in Italy

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  • Livestock and Products Annual 2012

    The EU cattle herd is forecast to shrink, and with the lower availability of animals, also the calf crop, slaughter and beef exports are expected to fall.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 10 Sep 2012 related to Swine, Pigs in Italy

  • EU Livestock and Products Annual

    During 2010 – 2011, the EU cattle herd is forecast to shrink as subsidies are phased out and input costs rise. Also EU swine inventories are expected to fall, as a large number of farmers are anticipated to stop before the new environmental and animal welfare legislation will be enforced in January 2013.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 27 Sep 2011 related to Swine, Pigs in Italy

  • Pig Breeding Sector in Italy

    Long before the influenza A/H1N1 outbreak, the Italian Ministry of Agriculture was developing plans to assist Italy’s ailing pig breeding sector, which is being squeezed by continued high input prices and sharply reduced output prices. As a result, the Ministry has proposed significant government assistance for...

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 5 Jan 2010 related to Swine, Pigs in Italy

  • EU-27 Livestock and Products Semi-annual

    The 2011 and 2012 cattle production, slaughter and stock figures are adjusted to a higher level than anticipated in the Annual Livestock Report.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 12 Mar 2012 related to Swine, Pigs in Italy

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