Food Processing Industry in Italy

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  • Dairy and Products Annual 2012

    In 2012 and into 2013, EU-27 deliveries of fluid milk and manufactured dairy products are expected to increase but at a slower pace even when factoring in the economic downturn and rising cost.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 9 Nov 2012 related to Food Processing in Italy

  • Organic Agriculture in Italy 2011

    Organics are an important and growing sector in Italian agriculture. In recent years, domestic purchases of organic products have shown an increase. A survey made by ISMEA (Institute of Services for the Agricultural and Food Market) in 2010 showed a growth of 11.6 percent in purchases of organic products in Italy since...

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 30 Nov 2011 related to Food Processing in Italy

  • Food & Drink sector

    The F&D industry is the second Italian industry after the metal working one and it becomes the first supply chain in the country if considered together with agriculture, satellite industries and distribution, transforming 70% of raw materials in Italy (2010 figures).

    UK Trade & Investment on 25 Nov 2011 related to Food Processing in Italy

  • Dairy and Products Annual - EU-27

    In 2011, EU-27 milk production is expected to increase in response to stronger domestic and international demand. In 2012, EU-27 raw milk output is forecast to continue to increase albeit at a smaller level than in 2011. Rising costs of production, limited consumption in countries struggling under economic hardship and...

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 13 Nov 2011 related to Food Processing in Italy

  • Geographic Indications: Food Trademark System in Italy

    Italy uses the European Union's trademark system of Geographical Indications (GIs) to protect its traditional food products. While consumers commonly understand these labels to mean quality, GIs simply refer to a defined production process or location.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 8 Mar 2010 related to Food Processing in Italy

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