Biotechnology Industry in Japan

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  • Medical Capital Equipment

    With Japan’s rising public awareness about advanced medical diagnostics and treatment, and the Government of Japan’s (GOJ’s) policies to build a medical tourism market, the market for medical capital equipment in Japan is expected to show steady positive growth in the next few years.

    U.S. Commercial Service on 31 Aug 2011 related to Biotechnology in Japan

  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Japan

    The UK is recognised as one of the world leaders in these sectors and Japanese companies are seeking UK companies with unique, excellent technologies and products.

    UK Trade & Investment on 4 Oct 2010 related to Biotechnology in Japan

  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals sector

    The Japanese pharmaceutical market is the world`s second largest with sales of over £65 billion in 2009.

    UK Trade & Investment on 26 May 2012 related to Biotechnology in Japan

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  • Japan Agricultural Biotechnology Annual Report 2009

    Japan is the world?s largest per capita importer of foods and feeds that have been produced using modern biotechnology (also known as „biotech? or „GMO?). Japan annually imports about 16 million metric tons corn and 4.2 million metric ton soybeans, most of which are „biotech?.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 4 Jan 2010 related to Biotechnology in Japan

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