Pharmaceuticals Industry in Malaysia

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  • Opportunities in the Indian BioPharma Industry

    Given Malaysia’s traditional focus on agriculture, a large percentage of agricultural biotechnology companies are in adding value to food and crops. The healthcare biotechnology development policy is to contribute towards the advancement of healthcare by exploiting Malaysia’s biodiversity for new drug...

    UK Trade & Investment on 27 Nov 2011 related to Pharmaceuticals in Malaysia

  • Healthcare opportunities

    Boosting the healthcare industry is one of the development objectives of the Malaysian Government during the 10th Five-Year Plan (2010-2015).

    UK Trade & Investment on 28 Jul 2011 related to Pharmaceuticals in Malaysia

  • Healthcare Opportunities in Malaysia

    Malaysia is one of the most ethnically diverse Asian countries.Malaysia sees an increase in demand for healthcare services reflected by the increasing healthcare expenditure.”

    UK Trade & Investment on 4 Oct 2010 related to Pharmaceuticals in Malaysia

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