Biotechnology Industry in Mexico

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  • Laboratory and Scientific Instruments

    Given the significant amount of manufacturing that takes place locally, Mexico is an excellent market for laboratory and scientific instruments. According to the Mexican Council for Science and Technology, the import market for these products is valued at nearly US $98.9 billion with the U.S. as the largest foreign...

    U.S. Commercial Service on 6 May 2011 related to Biotechnology in Mexico

  • Healthcare Opportunities in Mexico

    The value of the health sector in Mexico 2008 reached $13.48 billion USD, placing it as the second most important market in Latin America.

    UK Trade & Investment on 4 Oct 2010 related to Biotechnology in Mexico

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  • Agricultural Biotechnology in Mexico

    Mexico continues to gradually implement its biotechnology regulatory system. One of their most recent measures was the announcement on March 6, 2009, of the guidelines for the conservation and protection of Mexican corn varieties.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 22 Dec 2009 related to Biotechnology in Mexico

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