Water & Waste Water Market Brief 2012

An Expert's View about Water Treatment in Austria

Posted on: 18 Jul 2012

Austria's water delivery network is 76,540 km long, and includes 2,900 tanks with 4 million cubic meters of capacity.

Austria: Water & Waste Water Market Brief 2012 Marta Haustein June 2012 Market Overview In Austria, all tap water is potable. The average per capita water use is approximately 135 liters per day, and a 4- 3 person household uses an average of around 200 m of drinking water per year. The cost of drinking water is 1.30 Euros per cubic meter. According to the latest available figures, 90% of all Austrians purchase water from a provider. Considering the topography of Western Austria, this is considered to be very close to full water network expansion. The water delivery network is 76,540 km long, and includes 2,900 tanks with 4 million cubic meters of capacity. There are roughly 1.4 million building connections and about 2,600 spring taps. Because of the high quality of Austria’s water sources, drinking water is generally not treated. The exception is pesticide removal in some areas, where activated carbon facilities are in operation. The disinfection technology employed in larger population centers is a combination of UV and chlorine or chlorine gas. There are currently approximately 1,580 sewage treatment plants in Austria with capacities over 50 PE (population equivalents). As is the case with the drinking water network, Austria’s level of canalization is considered to be close to its full potential with over 92% connected to a sewage treatment plant with at least 50 PE. Most sewage is treated Did you know? through organic activated sludge, whereby the sewage passes through holding areas that contain bacterial agents. Many plants also run anaerobic digesters that produce biogas from the sludge, which is in turn used to power parts of the facility, sold into the gas or electricity grid, or in the case of Linz, used to power the city bus fleet. Large municipal plants in the major cities not only handle the largest flows, but also represent the most modern facilities. Austria’s scores in removing pollutants from wastewater are among the best in Europe. Austria: Important Links & Contacts Ministry of Environment – http://www.lebensministerium.at/ Ministry of Agriculture – http://www.lebensministerium.at/ Federal Agency for Water Management – http://www.baw.at/index.php?lang=en Austrian Association for Gas and Water – http://www.ovgw.at/en Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants – http://www.bsik.at/en/wasser/profil_html Contact: Marta Haustein Commercial Specialist U.S. Commercial Service American Embassy Vienna Boltzmanngasse 16, 1090 Vienna Tel. +43 1 31339-2205 e-Mail: marta.haustein@trade.gov export.gov The U.S. Commercial Service – Your Global Business Partner. 800-USA-TRADE
Posted: 18 July 2012